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Font: Sans vs Serif and Font Matching Avengers Style

Brand choose fonts carefully to reflect their image. Here is the different about serif vs sans-serif fonts, and a list of basic font matching for your website.


Create full-page screenshot with online tools, your browser, or utility comes with your OS

Whether for a presentation, bug report, education, etc, here is how to make a screenshot using available tools for free


6 Beautiful and Free Illustration Libraries for Your Next Project

Illustrations can help deliver your message without lengthy paragraphs. Here are 6 places to look for free stock vectors and illustrations


Product Landing Pages — No.2 Weekly Inspiration

6 landing pages inspiration for your next projects


7 Free and Fresh Icons Packs For Your Next Project

Getting tired of similar icons or just want to look for a breath of fresh air? Here are 10 free icon packs for your next project


Inverr Dashboard: Manage your payment, invoices

How to manage your Inverr's subscription, payment methods and view past invoices

13/12/2020 on


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Undo and Redo is now available

Often, when preparing a document, or designing a web page, we made changes and wanted to undo it.

08/12/2020 on


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Better SEO with Dynamic URLs in Sitemap

We’ve recently improve sitemap to generate Dynamic URLs based on your database items.

03/12/2020 on


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We've got a new free domain for Hobbyist — treen.it

Some of our users complaint about using inrr.me, as it was ugly. Recently, we've selected a new domain and we hope you like it

01/12/2020 on


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