We've got a new free domain for Hobbyist — treen.it

Some of our users complaint about using inrr.me, as it was ugly. Recently, we've selected a new domain and we hope you like it


A few months ago, I found an available domain inrr.me when rebranded Saltar to Inverr. It was short and personal.

Unfortunately, many of our hobbyist users didn't like using it. Because it doesn't make sense, looks ugly and hard to remember.

I always keep it in mind and tried to search for a new one a few times. This time, the domain criteria are must be short, easy to remember, and a plus if it sounds cool.

There were many other options but finally, I decided to register treen.it.

Treen means something is made of wood or wooden. The word found in Big Words Can Come in Small Packages. In my opinion (and some friends also agreed), it satisfies the criteria.

Thanks for all your support with Inverr, and hope you enjoy the new domain.

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